my experience as an outcall escort

I never thought that the time I had spent with London escorts would really benefit me until I met my future husband. After leaving London escorts, I had started my own florist in Greenwich in London. It was not hard to get the business off the ground, but I found that I really enjoyed it and spent hours in the shop. Worrying about a man and a social life was the last thing on my mind. However, it was during this time I was going to meet my husband to be. This gentleman kept calling the shop to order arrangements for the do’s he was organising in London.

From what I could gather, he was something rather high up in the Mason’s as I was always sending arrangements to Queen Street every week. When I worked at London escorts, I had learned a bit about the Masons. Some of the car dealers I had dated were members of various London Lodges, and some of them met in Queen Street. Just one of those things you can pick up when you work for a cheap outcall escorts service.One morning when I was in the shop, this very dapper gent came in. He was not anything like the gents I used to date at London escorts.

To say that he was suited and booted was an understatement. I had seen some nice off the peg suits at London escorts, but this guy had a tailored suit along with a tailored shirt. He looked a million bucks, and topped it all of with a smile which could melt even the steeliest heart. My husband to be had just walked in through the door, and was now smiling at me.He asked if I was the girl who had made and supplied all of the fantastic arrangements for Queen Street.

I smiled when I realised when I saw that Masonic black onyx ring on his finger. If I swiveled, I knew that I would come across the symbol of the Masons. I had done it once by mistake at London escorts, and I knew it was something you kept a little hush hush. Anyway, Stephen carried on chatting and before I knew it were having coffee in the cafe next doors.That is where it all started anyway. Today, I have find myself married to a high ranking Mason and having to attend all of these parties and receptions in one beautiful dress after the other.

I am glad I learned how to socialise and say the right thing during all of the business dating I did at London escorts. Not in my wildest dreams had I dreamed that I would marry a man like Stephen, but he did not care about London escorts. He only cared about the person I am today. It is one of the Masons’ mottoes. I love my husband, and I am still supplying all of the flower arrangements to the many posh parties which are held at Queen Street.

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