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Best of Both Worlds

My boyfriend is a cross dresser but I don’t have a problem with that at all. Some of the girls I work with at London escorts do think that I am a little bit weird going out with a guy who is a cross dresser, but I love him. Yes, we have some great sex when he is in his manly mood, but when he is in his girlie mood, it is just like spending time with a girlfriend. I get a real kick out of it, and that is what my friends at London escorts cannot understand.

It is not like we share wardrobes or anything like that. He is taller than I am, and he also takes a larger shoe size. There is no way that he would fit into my stilettos, and I would not fit into his shoes. However, he looks great as a woman, and I have think this feeling, a few of my London escorts gents, would love to hook up with him. Could we not do with a cross dressing service at London escorts?

I met my boyfriend when I was out with one of my London escorts regulars. We had gone for drinks in this club in Soho, and were just have a chatting when this sexy person came up to us. At first I thought it was a woman, but it was a man in his feminine persona. The other guy with him, turned out to be my future boyfriend. It seemed my London escorts regular did not have a problem when it came to dating cross dressers, but I think that he enjoyed their company just for fun.

Are there any downsides to having a boyfriend who is a cross dresser? There are a few, but they don’t really bother me. Sometimes people look at you kind of funny, and wonder if it is a man or woman you are with. But that does not bother me. Before working as one the best and sexiest London escorts, I used to strip so I am used to people looking at me. Other may find it bothersome, but I am glad my boyfriend can be honest with his personas. Letting your feminine side out is not always easy for gents who have an interest in cross dressing.

In the last couple of years, we have become a lot more open minded about things like cross dressing, and that is good. If you have a need which needs to be fulfilled, I truly believe you should let it out. This is one of the top reasons gents all across London enjoy dating London escorts. I feel that I am more than happy to accommodate my boyfriend’s lifestyle into my life, and we go together very well. It is not every day that you can say that you can have some fun with your partner, and that he is your best girlfriend all of the time. I am sure we will continue to have fun more many years to come.

Is it okay to date other men?

Since I split up with my wife, I have been dating escorts in London. The girls that I date at escorts in London services are some of the most beautiful creatures that you can feast your eyes on but still I am not satisfied. The other night I was out with a couple of the girls from London escorts, and I met this really sexy transexual guy. As a matter of fact, he was better looking than some of the girls from London escorts.

At first I did not realise that the guy I was talking to was transexual at all. I thought that he was a girl who used to work for escorts in London. After all, the girls from London escorts seemed to know him really well. In the end, it took the girls from the escort agency to explain to me that this guy was a transexual. I must admit that I was totally shocked and did not believe the girls at first.

I don’t have a problem with transexual guys at all but I felt a bit silly in front of the girls from escorts in London. They could probably spot a transexual person a million miles away. But, up until then I had not really had a conversation with a transexual person and I was shocked to discover how sexy he was. Like I said to the girls at London escorts afterwards, I was really shocked to find out that he was a man.

Since meeting this guy, I have been having fantasies about him. He was really nice and actually gave me his phone number. I told one of the girls from escorts in London about it and she suggested that we go out to have coffee with him dressed as a man this time. It would be interesting to see if I found him attractive then. For me it is a really weird feeling to be turned on by a transexual man. I have ever only been turned on by London escorts before. How I am going to handle the situation I really can’t tell you.

Perhaps we are all what my friend Lucy from escorts in London call switch hitters. We can fancy people from both sexes. I am sure that may be true but it is not making me feel any better about myself. So far in life, I have always thought of myself as a totally normal guy. The fact that I found myself fancying a man has really scared me and I really don’t know how to handle the situation at all. Do I want to see him again? Yes, but I think that I will do what Lucy says. Meeting him as a man may change the way I feel towards him and I am may even come back down on earth. If things don’t change, I really don’t know what to do. Could it be that I am secretly a bit AC/DC? In that case, there is no harm in that like Lucy says.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Big Dicks

It is a common perspective that long penises are the best to have. It has been associated with money, power, and other materials which give men leverage over other fellow men. The idea has led many men who have small “machines” to want to enlarge them. Even though long penises have been worshiped for a long time, there are still some disadvantages. The question remains: do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, or the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

The charm factor
Advantage: Some women are only turned on by the look of a large penis. Some will only engage in sexual activity only with those who possess a larger machine. The mere look of a big possession will make some people submit to any demand.

Disadvantage: Some women feel threatened by large sizes. With such opinions, sex with a man who has a large penis is likely to feel painful to such women. If you know the average size of a rectum or the vagina, then you are aware that any machine beyond six inches is not necessary for ordinary sexual fulfilment.

The penetration factor
Advantage: The recipients of men with big machines are able to have their vagina or rectum filled with a penis for ultimate enjoyment. Despite the depth the recipient wants this penis to reach, they get their wish without any struggle. For those who want sexual fulfilment, then this is the greatest benefit of a man with a big penis.

Disadvantage: While the partner enjoys his large endowment, a man with a massive dick is not entirely satisfied. This is because it may not be possible to stick the entire penis into the vagina or rectum. In some cases, only a small portion can get in. Therefore, at the end of the sexual encounter, the man may leave dissatisfied.

The performance factor
Advantage: There are depths inside the vagina/rectum that an average sized penis cannot reach. You may have heard your partner say stuff like “I want you to feel you tear my intestines apart.” Such statements indicate that they want the machine to get very deep. Many people feel great about penises that and go very deep.

Disadvantage: There are certain motions that a largely endowed man cannot perform. It is dangerous for such a guy to try out positions where the penis will be bent, as this may fracture his penis. While most guys like feeling the heat inside their partner for ultimate sex, men with large endowments may not have the chance of experiencing this. Also, having anal with such men may turn out to be very painful. It may also be challenging to give him an oral because the penis may not fit in well; thus he may feel your teeth which are not very pleasant.

Those with massive dicks now know what they have and what they are missing out! While choosing the size of the penis to have is not easy, deciding to enjoy the sex no matter the size is a personal decision. Therefore opt to enjoy yourself despite your penile size.

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